You are currently using standard PayPal to accept payment for your events. In October 2016, we announced that we were upgrading our PayPal gateway to the most modern version, PayPal Express.

You must upgrade your payment gateway before January 31, 2017. Follow the button below and select PAYPAL EXPRESS (or another gateway you prefer). FOLLOW THE SETUP INSTRUCTIONS. To upgrade to PayPal Express, you may have to upgrade your PayPal account (FREE) to a business account. Your attendees will instantly have a better checkout experience from our site and you will not lose registrations to PayPal's old fraud detection system (that bounces many legitimate transactions).

Your events will continue to collect money through PayPal (standard) through January 31, 2017.

, thanks for instantly registering on NSL! You'll be able to easily locate and register for any event you find!

We sent you a temporary password in the mail, but if you visit your account (just mouse over your name in the upper right corner of any screen), you can reset your password now. We recommend this.

While you are in your profile, we also recommend that you upload your avatar and fill in any missing data that will make it easier for you when you register for events.
Relax, we can help.
With so many features and functions, we fully understand that getting the software to do what you want can be daunting at times.
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    Free Affiliate Websites

    Zero programming. Clean look with stock or custom header photo. Your events, member data, admin permissions, photos, videos, officers, about us, contact form, news, weather and your venues. We can even handle online membership renewals and swag sales. There's a lot to it but it's very easy to operate. Fire your webmaster because ANYONE with a keyboard (and your permission) can keep your website up to date and looking great!

    Build a great looking, highly functional website in 10 minutes! Watch the demo video below:

    Easy-to-use controls let non-programmers easily maintain your site.

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